Discussions to install pharmacy software to ease the flow of patient information for hospital pharmacists in multiple NHS trusts are in their final stages.

PharmacyView, developed by Nugensis, is already in use in five NHS boards in Scotland and they are now hoping to bring the product to England.

Around two-and-a-half years ago Nugensis developed WardView – a web-based program that pulls patient information from disparate IT systems onto a single page.

PharmacyView soon followed suit, allowing hospital pharmacists to see all their patients and associated information on one page.

Nugensis has said PharmacyView is just as relevant to hospitals in the rest of the UK and is currently in the final stages of discussions with several hospital trusts in England.

“In the past, it was difficult to provide continuity of pharmaceutical care when patients moved around the hospital or between hospitals.

“Patient turnover is so fast now that we need a system to record all clinical pharmacy assessments that is immediately visible and follows the patient, which PharmacyView has helped us achieve,” said Angela Munday, lead pharmacist for patient services at NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde.

“We can now more easily and quickly visibly record patient assessment on admission and prioritise individual patients rather than prioritising wards or clinical specialties.”

Although the software is now only being used in an acute setting, discussions are underway with NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde to extend it to community pharmacy.

“PharmacyView is a real-time clinical workflow tool that gives pharmacists more control over their workloads since they can more easily decide which patients they should see first based on need rather than location in the hospital,” says Stewart McQuillian, operations director at Nugensis.

The system sits above but can be linked to e-prescribing platforms such as JAC and Ascribe or used as a standalone solution

Nugensis’ health software is currently used by Scottish health boards.