We can all agree that 2018 has been an eventful year for pharmacy. From a long-awaited pharmacy contract to the last in a long-running judicial review saga, a lot has happened to keep us all entertained (read: stressed out) all year long.

So to mark this wonderful year of ups and downs, we at The Pharmacist decided to round up an illustrious
panel of judges (AKA our editor-in-chief Beth Kennedy and our reporter Léa Legraien) to award some prizes to the most weird and wonderful events.

That’s right – it’s time for the Golden Cross Awards. So don your glad rags, pour yourself a celebratory glass of something delicious and settle down to find out this year’s lucky recipients.


The Eye-roll Award for biggest gripe

Winner –Medicines shortages


Why did it win?

The worthy recipient of this award can be very proud that it truly encapsulates all of the qualities that a winner of the Eye-roll Award should possess. Time consuming, expensive for contractors and dangerous for patients, medicines shortages have been one of the key issues affecting pharmacists for the past few months.

Yes indeed. Shortages have been a blight on contractors’ working lives for many years now, but the situation reached new lows last summer and has continued to be a significant problem for some time now. With Brexit looming, the issue shows no signs of abating.

Truly something worth getting frustrated over.


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