In the final instalment of our special feature on diabetes, find out how you can identify the risk factors and the 15 healthcare essentials.

Enormous effort has been made to let people know if they have a high or moderate risk of developing Type 2 diabetes – but there’s millions more who don’t know, and you can help signpost them to support.

Risk factors for Type 2 diabetes include age, family history, ethnicity, and the most important risk factor is being overweight. Our online risk score uses just seven questions to help people assess their risk, and is available at You may also see Diabetes UK roadshows in your town that can tell people about their risks. Both are useful for signposting people to GPs, where people aged over 40 can also get health checks that test for several conditions including diabetes. Uptake has so far been low so more signposting is really needed.

It’s also worth noting the symptoms of Type 1 diabetes for children and young people, which we have promoted under our 4 Ts programme: Toilet, Thirsty, Tired and Thinner.

15 healthcare essentials

Get your blood glucose levels measured at least once a year

Have your blood pressure measured and recorded at least once a year

Have your blood fats (such as cholesterol) measured every year

Have your eyes screened for signs of retinopathy every year

Have your feet checked

Have your kidney function monitored annually

Have your weight checked

Get support if you are a smoker

Receive care planning to meet your individual needs

Attend an education course

Receive care from a specialist paediatric team if you are a child or young person.

Receive high quality care if admitted to hospital

Get information and specialist care if you are planning to have a baby

See specialist diabetes healthcare professionals

Get emotional and psychological support