After looking at the options for medicating diabetes, here are some helpful tips to encourage your clients to speak about their condition and support suggestions from Diabetes UK.

Medication reviews help to put dates in the diary to speak with clients about their diabetes, but it’s worth making it clear that you are always available to talk about it. Displaying posters can cement the link in your clients’ minds between yourselves and diabetes and give them confidence to ask a question. It might be as simple as creating a poster that says: “Ask your pharmacist if you’ve got a question about your diabetes”. We have lots of information to download that can be used, including our “How to spot a foot attack” booklet and the 15 Healthcare Essentials checklist. See the full list at and click on “Managing Your Diabetes”.

Diabetes UK also runs a wide range of courses to support both healthcare professionals and people living with diabetes.

“Diabetes in Healthcare” is a free e-learning programme that has been written by Diabetes UK’s team of clinicians and diabetes specialists, and covers both Type 1 and Type 2. It includes expert information on how the condition is diagnosed, treated and monitored, and symptoms to look out for in those who may have diabetes but are yet to be diagnosed. It is available at

For your patients, we have also created “Type 2 diabetes and me”, another free online e-learning course. While it shouldn’t be seen as a replacement for structured education, it helps people to best manage their condition. This is available at

Diabetes UK also runs Living With Diabetes Days to help people who have been recently diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, and also those who have been living with the condition for longer and are keen to learn more. These days run across the country – people can see if there is a roadshow in their area at

As our diabetes analysis continues, log on tomorrow to find out what you can do to help your patients manage their condition. Should you be doing more?