CPD is key to our members providing safe and effective care to patients and the public throughout their working lives, and as such we are committed to developing and delivering services to reflect regulatory changes and member needs, supporting them in their professional development journey.
The General Pharmaceutical Council recently set out new statutory rules and a framework for CPD. The new rules authorise the Registrar to remove pharmacists and other registered pharmacy professionals from the relevant registers (including annotations to their registration entries) if they fail to respond within their specified time window to the GPhC call for CPD record review. Other changes which will come into effect in due course include a third (three out of nine entries) of the annual requirement for CPD entries to start at the reflection phase of the CPD cycle.

Taking steps in professional development
RPS provides timely updates and information in response to such changes so that our members are well informed and adequately equipped to take necessary steps in their professional development. We reach out to our members through efficient communication channels, including press releases, news items, virtual network postings, electronic alerts and publications in journals. The RPS website has a wealth of information relating to CPD and career support. This includes:

  • Real life case studies;
  • Useful hints and tips guides on how to improve CPD entries;
  • A CPD checklist for CPD submissions;
  • Dedicated pages on mentoring and return to practice;
  • More specific and specialised support, including history archives, science and research, museum and library information support and resources.

Our website provides direct access for members to submit online enquiries, register for online mentoring support and join virtual networks. Our website resources are complemented by one-to-one assistance from our support team, many of whom are pharmacists who have had their CPD records reviewed by the GPhC and can understand the concerns that pharmacists have when their records are called for review.
Members wishing to access local delivery of CPD and career support are supported by our network of 48 LPFs, led by LPF steering groups and facilitators. We have a team of trained CPD supporters who lead CPD workshops, peer reviews and deliver presentations at both face-to-face and virtual LPF events. RPS CPD supporters are not confined to specific LPFs and are able to cover all LPFs across the country.

Virtual and network support
We provide virtual CPD support through a comprehensive webinar programme, additional access to pre-recorded webinars with slide presentations and audio downloads. All of these cover a range of practice specific topics as well as those specific to CPD recording, including sector specific experts introducing CPD case studies. We have a CPD online network group for members to share their CPD experiences, discuss any concerns about their CPD and benefit from information sharing. Additionally we offer an online database of mentors across academia, community, hospital, industry and primary care organisation sectors with wide ranging experience across a number of specialisms. Members are able to register on our database to access mentoring support, including assistance to advance their career and/or change career direction.

Opportunities for CPD also extends to our wide ranging events calendar, our annual RPS conference and regular LPF events. Our new accreditation service provides our members and other healthcare professionals with accredited events, courses and materials meeting our established high standards for professional practice, quality and content, contributing to CPD and wider professional development.
Revalidation is a relatively new concept within healthcare and as this is implemented in due course for re-licensure and recertification of pharmacists, we will be providing support and information to prepare our members for this new regulatory process. We continue to assist our members with their professional development journey and commitment to provide safe and effective care to patients and the public. Our resources for members are designed to suit their learning styles and needs so that they may accomplish their professional potential and future aspirations.

Useful links:
Information and guidance on CPD from our website:

CPD support and advice from our support team (mail to: [email protected]),
submit a query online (www.rpharms.com/our-support-service/make-an-enquiry.asp)
or talk to our RPS support on 020 7572 2302 (monday to friday, 9am-5pm)

Contact our support team
(www.rpharms.com/support/our-support-service.asp) about any general CPD queries, to attend local CPD workshops, surgeries and events through the LPFs, register for CPD webinars linked to key health agenda topics access both live and prerecorded practice specific CPD webinars and case studies

Access articles in the Pharmaceutical Journal and Clinical Pharmacist learning and development pages: www.pjonline.com/cpd

Courses: www.rpharms.com/development/accreditation.asp

Access our support for return to practice (www.rpharms.com/ you-and-your-career/return-to-practice.asp) and the RPS mentoring database (www.rpharms.com/you-and-your-career/mentoring.asp)

Priya Rasanayagam
is professional support specialist at
the Royal Pharmaceutical Society