Teeth gnashing, teeth grinding, teeth clenching and jaw clenching are all common terms which fall under the medical category of bruxism.  This is defined as the habitual, purposeless  clenching and grinding of teeth, especially during sleep.  Episodes of bruxism at night can cause disturbed and poor quality sleep as well as a host of other symptoms such as facial pain, headaches, jaw pain and teeth damage.

Bruxism is a little understood and complex condition that has the experts divided about causes and treatments.  However, there is clear evidence to suggest that stress is a predominant causal factor.

With recession stress having an effect on almost everyone, it is not surprising that the number of patients going to their GP and dentist with symptoms that can be attributed to bruxism are on the rise. Typically, dentists will repair the damage caused by clenching and grinding and then fit a plastic guard to protect the teeth from further damage. Often costing hundreds of pounds the custom guard has, until now, been a `take it or leave it` choice. 

As in many health related areas, the Americans have led the way in terms of identifying the consequences of bruxism and have been quick to offer solutions to help. If you go into any large pharmacy chains in the US you will see whole sections dedicated to different types of dental guards available to customers without prescription.

Nobrux was the first company in the UK dedicated to finding and offering bruxism solutions to a needy UK public.  Established in 2007, it the exclusive UK importer and distributor of the US made SleepRight ready to wear dental guard, which has been designed to protect teeth and dental work from clenching and grinding (bruxism).  More recently, it has teamed up with Ursula James, the UK leading clinical hypnotherapist and now offers a self hypnosis CD to bruxism sufferers who really want to break the hold that the condition has on their lives. 

SleepRight dental guards comply with the requirements of the EU medical device directive 93-42EEC and are approved by the British Dental Health Foundation. They are safe, affordable and effective. Although designed to protect teeth, many customers report relief from morning headaches and jaw pain often associated with bruxism when using the SleepRight.

Bruxism is starting to get the attention it deserves in the UK at last. Find out how nobrux can help your customers by providing proven bruxism and other healthcare products. 

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