It is because the modern Pharmacist has the know how to convert the prescriber’s bespoke prescription into a specific solution, the patient can be confident that the intervention is tailored to their individual need and will help achieve the best possible outcome.

From pre natal to end of life, compounding provides the opportunity for the clinician to prescribe appropriate treatment when a commercial product is not suitable or available.

A compounded medicine with exact treatment quantities enables the clinician, the carer and the patient to improve compliance and aid recovery.

Through continuous research and development and the constant drive for the highest standards in every aspect of the compounding supply chain, tomorrow’s compounding professional will play an important role in the next generation of treatments.

The future of extemporaneous compounding must be secured, to ensure that the patient’s most appropriate treatment will be at the prescriber’s fingertips.

Compounding has come of age and offers solutions that are relevant, timely, and most importantly effective for today’s and tomorrow’s patient.

Jonathan Fawdry,
General Manager,
Fagron UK

Further information
To help clinicians, pharmacists and stakeholders promote the added value of bespoke medicines, Fagron have produced a video that explains the development of compounding and demonstrates how it must be secured for the future.

The importance of compounding is growing every day.