As a leading supplier of meticulously controlled, highly dependable cold storage systems, Gram understands the need for high-performance refrigeration and freezer equipment essential for keeping sensitive, delicate materials within tightly controlled storage parameters. When investing thousands of pounds on sensitive pharmaceuticals, it is absolutely vital that they are stored in a monitored, reliable and controlled environment.


Gram has used its expertise to produce the most advanced storage solutions for ideal for use in modern pharmacies. BioLine is a comprehensive range of refrigerators and freezers designed to deal with the special requirements of the industry.


The unique air distribution system combined with a finned tube evaporator results in excellent temperature consistency: the evaporator design eliminates the risk of “cold walls”, which could otherwise damage delicate pharmaceuticals stored close to the sides of the refrigerator. Whilst the air distribution system which directs cold air down a special plate to the rear of the cabinet interior and back up to the evaporator fan mounted in the top, ensures a uniform temperature throughout.


Other features include:

o Gram MPC 4.6 control unit provides access to:

§ Audible and visual temperature alarms

§ High/low temperature log and out of range time/temperature history

§ Audible and visual door open alarm

§ Calibration of sensors

o Interior and exterior conforms to EN/IEC60079-15 ATEX “sparkfree” standards

o Extra sensor (E-sensor) for temperature reference in the storage compartment

o Voltage-free contact for external connection to building management system

o Smart defrost: minimises length of time and energy used during each defrost cycle

o Access port

o Door lock

o 5 year parts and labour warranty


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