Pasante offers you the widest selection of condoms available anywhere in the world. Over 45,000,000 Pasante condoms are used each year in the UK alone, and Pasante is the condom of choice for young people. The only UK company to offer 4 different sizes, there are also great innovations such as Dual Pleasures, a 'dual foil' that holds a condom in one side and 5ml of lubricant in the other. Pasante were also the first to market with round foiled condoms, with each foil printed in a colourful and modern individual design.

There is much more to Pasante than just condoms though. Pasante also offer a mid-stream pregnancy test that is used by doctors in surgery and the general public. Gloves also form an important part of Pasante's range and we offer latex, nitrile, vinyl and synthetic.

The Pasante range is availbe to Pharmacy through transfer order wholesalers. For more information on the Pasante range please contact Trinity Sales and Marketing on 01235 838590