Personal Diagnostics Ltd offers a unique range of rapid diagnostic tests for in-store health screening and OTC self tests

With patients increasingly aware of health issues and wanting to monitor aspects of their health at home with self diagnostic tests or through professional health screening services, the Personal Diagnostics offers a range of test kits for both home and professional use to screen for common diseases including;

  • ThyroScreen™ and ThyroScreen™ Professional for hypothyroidism
  • AnaemiaScreen™ and AnaemiaScreen™ Professional for iron deficiency anaemia
  • Xeliac Test and CoeliacScreen Professional for coeliac disease
  • Self-Sure™ for bowel and colon cancer
  • UlcerScreen™ and UlcerScreen™ Professional for peptic ulcers
  • Teco hs CRP professional test for CVD risk assessment
  • Lactose intolerance DNA test
  • Norovirus susceptibility DNA test
  • Chlamydia and Mycoplasma DNA tests
  • OsteoChek™ for Osteoporosis testing (Q3 2011)
  • QBC STAR® dry chemistry haematology analyser for PoC Full Blood Counts

In-store health screening and home test sales offer additional professional services to offer in your pharmacy and an excellent business opportunity. With extensive experience in this field and comprehensive marketing material available Personal Diagnostics would be delighted to discuss their product range and business opportunity with you.

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