Pohl Boskamp has been active in the international pharmaceutical market for more than 120 years. It is a family-owned company, based in Germany but with a growing international profile.

Pohl Boskamp’s best known product in the UK is Nitrolingual Spray, the gold standard in the treatment of angina pectoris (distributed by Merck Serono).

The company’s philosophy is to develop fast-acting treatments for acute diseases, so that patients can ‘feel it work’. When developing NYDA – to eradicate head lice and nits, the goal was to create a safe, well-tolerated, effective and reliable treatment for head lice that parents can trust to solve the problem.

NYDA was launched in the UK last year, with exclusive availability through Boots and Alliance Pharmacy. March 2009 saw NYDA introduced through Lloydspharmacy and it will soon be available in other multiples and independent pharmacies. NYDA has been available in other European countries for a number of years, and in Germany it is the number one pediculicide without insecticides.

The recommended retail price is £7.99 for 50ml (AAH 668-2090), and £14.99 for 100ml (AAH 668-2082). Up to four people (aged two years and upwards) can be treated with one 100ml bottle, and each package comes with a special lice comb and a pump for convenient application.

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